Searsville Country Church visit

Several months ago, we visited a small country church with a welcoming and hospitable congregation of less than a hundred people, with the purpose of presenting what we had experienced at St. Kizito’s. As Christian and Amanda shared testimonies about the trip, the congregation felt moved to give an extremely generous offering that has sustained St. Kizito’s to this day. 

Today, the some of the new and old girls returned to Searsville Country Church to meet the people who helped start something truly extraordinary. We joined them in worship at their Sunday morning service and enjoyed fellowship with the families. Toward the end of the service, Melanie spoke about the trip and introduced the girls who were there (Hayley, Meagan, Lauren, Amanda, and Betsy, a co-leader from last year). Each of the girls talked about their roles on the trip and said a few words of thanks for the continued support of St. Kizito’s. The service finished with a word of prayer for the team, sending them out covered in prayer and ready for departure in 21 days. 

We experienced some car trouble on the way back with a flat tire on Melanie’s car, but were greeted with some Texas hospitality when 3 cars instantly pulled over to help us, and later even the pastor of the church had seen us on the side of the road and stopped to help. We were so grateful for all of the help we received and for how welcomed we felt at Searsville. We hope to return to the church with more stories about St. Kizito’s and our trip!

Look at our Facebook page for more pictures!



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