3 Days!

We are now a short 3 days away from departure (with the exception of Hayley who will arrive one day later). We are busy packing extra shoes and socks for every child at St. Kizito’s thanks to the generous donations we have had from the Shoes for Orphan Souls project that Lauren started and the socks donated by Betsy Ferguson, our co-leader from last year. We are all very busy with packing and last minute preparations that the whole thought of actually being in Africa next week seems a bit surreal.

Today we heard back from the U.S. ambassador in Kenya who would like to meet with us during our trip. We will first visit the Honorable Sam Poghisio, who is the Minister of Internal Communications for Kenya, and then afterwards we will visit the U.S. embassy. This will be an incredible chance to see firsthand the leadership in Kenya and provide us with valuable perspective to the needs of the Kenyans we will be ministering to on the trip. Everything is coming together, even if it is on “Africa time,” and we can’t wait to board the plane on Sunday! We will  depart Sunday afternoon, stop in Dubai for our layover, and then arrive in Nairobi Monday night. We will keep you posted on our travels! In the meantime, please pray for our schedule to align itself how He would like, and for our health, safety, and flights go smoothly. 


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