Day 2: Torn Down and Rebuilt

Today God completely dismantled our plans for the day and led us to something much greater that only He could have constructed. Melanie and Bekah unexplainably woke up at 5am with the realization that we had not sorted the bags of shoes that we were going to distribute to the kids at St. Kizito’s later that day. As Melanie and Bekah began to sort the shoes, they realized that every bag was filled with sizes 11 and 12, when we needed sizes 3 and 4. We began to panic a bit, but recognized that this was a chance to trust God with what He wanted us to accomplish for the day. We arrived at St. Kizito’s with bubbles, crayons, and donated Baylor t-shirts, and not much of a plan other than that. However, the day turned out to be full of so much fun and laughter with the kids. We got to know most of the kids names since it was our second day there. We played with the bubbles, which the kids absolutely loved, taught in the classrooms, made them sandwiches for lunch, and then gave out t-shirts. It was so great to love on these kids and to see how connected we have become with this place over the past year. We have really begun to love these kids deeply and that makes us even more passionate about finding a secure place for them.

While the team spent the day with the kids, Melanie spoke with the woman that was trying to sell the land where St. Kizito’s is located. She mediated between the director of St. Kizito’s and this woman, convincing her to sign a contract that stated she would not raise the rent for 5 years and that they would have that place secure for that time period. We were so excited to hear about this victory in our work to get St. Kizito’s on their feet! With that out of the way and the kids happy, fed, and newly clothed, we considered to day to be a success despite the disappointment of our shoe problem. In the meantime, the director of Buckner Africa, Randy Daniels, who gave us permission to give the wrong shoes to the people we will visit at City Harvest Church on Friday, and $400 to buy the correct sizes of shoes. God is so good. We chose to trust Him and He multiplied our supply! 

After St. Kizito’s, we went to the giraffe center and spent some down time feeding the giraffes. It was a great time of team bonding after an exhausting day and a lot of thinking on our feet! After some tea back at the hotel, we met the Buckner directors for dinner and they explained a lot more about our situation at St. Kizito’s. They basically explained that we need to have research done to compile an official report on the statistics of needy children in the area and what St. Kizito’s will do to alleviate that need. We realized how we need to work with the government in this process, which will involve a lot of patience and discernment. We also discussed the relations between the director of St. Kizito’s and the woman who owns the land, and how to mend that relationship. 

Today taught us a lot more about how desperately we need to rely on God during this fragile situation with St. Kizito’s. We can’t rush into forming our own plans and finding our own land for them, but we need to trust in His plan for these kids in His timing. It’s incredible to see how much has been accomplished in the past year and how far we have come from a silent van still in shock from what we had witnessed one year ago, to today’s meeting with international organizations to help these kids. 

~posted by Hayley


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