Day 3: Peace from Above

This morning we visited an old friend Boniface and sat in on his ministry with homeless boys that are addicted to sniffing glue in order to escape the traumatic events of everyday life on the streets of Nairobi. The majority of the people we ministered to this morning were our age and ranged from 16-25 years old. When we arrived at 5 in the morning, we joined Boniface as he was making his way around the block and waking up the boys to gather them for breakfast and to hear the gospel. Boniface was very passionate and even though we didn’t know what he was saying, we knew he was pouring out his heart to those boys. He showed how much he cared about them as he shared the gospel and you could see how much the boys were listening through their eyes. After he shared the gospel, we gave the boys milk. Sometimes Boniface gives them actual food, but he does not want them to come only for food, but only for the word of God. It was so incredible to listen to him! We then got a chance to get to know the boys and love on them. We asked the boys about their life and if they knew Jesus and got a chance to pray for them. We prayed that God would provide for them.

After some down time after such an early morning, we visited the elephant sanctuary where they take care of orphan elephants. It was awesome to visit Naipoki, who we adopted last year with Alice Starr! From there we ate lunch at Amani Ya Juu, which means “peace from above” in Swahili. We took a tour of the center where refugee women from the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, and various other countries in which war has forced them to flee to Nairobi, are taken in and taught to sew and create beautiful handcrafted gifts. We were greeted by our old friend Maggie who hugged all of us hundreds of times and blew kisses at us when we left! We love her so much. We then shared our leadership presentations for the first time in front of all the women who work at Amani. The women were so blessed by our encouragement and leadership instruction, as we were blessed by their hospitality and kindness. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with these beautiful Christian women and we were greeted with true African music and dance as we arrived for our presentations. Afterward, we all went shopping in the store to support the work they do at Amani. You can see their beautiful handmade things at You can even shop online and share this part of our journey with us!

Tonight we hosted another guest for dinner– Melanie’s old college friend Jennifer Carroll who has been a missionary in Nairobi for 30 years. We were so blessed by her story of her ministry and how the Lord brought her in Kenya. It was so inspiring to hear all that He has done in her life since she has been here and we were all encouraged by her story.

Today was yet another exhausting day, but we are so excited to return to City Harvest church tomorrow to spend time with the women from the Kianga project and then take a visit to Kibera slums, the second largest slum in the world. Pray that we will have the strength to walk humbly and hold ourselves together since Kibera is always a very difficult visit to make. We have received so many views on this blog and we are so incredibly humbled by how interested everyone is in what we are doing! Thank you so much for your prayers and for sharing this with those around you.

~posted by Hayley


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