Day 6: Day of the Lord.

We took a break from running all over Nairobi to go to an authentic African church and spend some time with the Lord. The service was amazing and they treated us like royalty. Our driver Edward Wanbugu performed a song and it was absolutely amazing. We got to experience some truly african worship and hospitality. After worship, Dr. McCormick delivered the sermon on what Christ has told us to do as leaders. We were served a fantastic lunch prepared by the women of the church and then moved back into the main sanctuary to present out Leadership and Business presentations. We were pressed for time, but that did not prevent us from being able to teach the women many great things. The women who were in my group found me on Facebook and Twitter. One of the women sent me this sweet message after we left.Image

After church we went to the Maasai market and got to put our bargaining skills to the test. Then we returned to Grace House to eat dinner in the tea garden and have some time of worship. This day was such a huge blessing and we are so thankful to the people of Ambassadors for the Fellowship of Christ for welcoming us in and letting us teach their women. It was an experience to remember.

Written by Bekah Burroughs 


One thought on “Day 6: Day of the Lord.

  1. all I can say is wow…I am truly amazed by your experiences, and blessed beyond words to be able to “share” in them with you daily as you update us with your blog and your video. I know how much work is involved in “getting the word out” and posting it….it means less sleep for you on your end…but it is such a blessing! Thank You!!

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