Day 8: Adventureland

This post is to free Hayley of her committed blogging responsibility for the evening, and is written by Christian Smith with combined inspiration from Bekah Burroughs. 

Today was unlike any other day. Driving through the luscious forest we earth inhabitants call Kenya, we found ourselves on an adventure trying to locate our destination. We passed four horses, twenty-one baboons, and eighty thousand two hundred fifty four rocks. How do I know these numbers you may ask? Bekah said so. We drove straight into the jungle, thinking we would never return!!! But without dismay, our lovely driver successfully found the route and delivered us to our destination, the Green Belt Movement home. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a nice man who loves trees. Why does he love trees, you may ask? Cause Bekah asked. After the fun filled tea party, exciting documentary, and a nap, Bekah was ready to tree safari! Then we planted a tree.

After that, the two teams split in two. Half to Bomas, half to receive projectile vomiting provided by infants at New Life Home Trust, a baby orphanage close to our dwelling place. Christian had a wonderful time with the infants, while Bekah took another nap. Hayley also had a wonderful time, with only few setbacks. This does include the projectile vomiting, for those who are wondering. We are happy to say we all made it back safely and together so Christian could finish her statistics homework, and Bekah could take another nap. 



BeKaH aNd ChRiStIaN 🙂 ❤


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