This May, Melanie Smith, Hayley Gibson, Christian Smith, Lauren Goff, Bekah Burroughs, Meagan Volquardsen, and Kendra Dawson will travel to Nairobi, Kenya to share the gospel and empower marginalized women and children in schools, orphanages, and micro-finance supported businesses.

Our mission statement is to discover the gifts that God has given us in order to effectively carry the power of the gospel to Kenya’s women and children, so that we may empower and equip them to live spiritually abundant and self-sustaining lives as we build lasting relationships both with them and each other.¬† We hope to share Jesus with every person we meet because of the overflow of our love and intimacy with Christ, who we will share through our words and actions, as we also learn to grow deeper in our walk with Him.

Follow us on this incredible opportunity.

Melanie Smith is our team leader and has a passion for showing girls their strengths.

Bekah Buroughs is in charge of social media and will also take pictures and video.

Christian Smith will take photos and help us build relationships with the Kenyan people.

Hayley Gibson will update the blog and take pictures. She is also in charge of Prayer and Ministry within the team to build spiritual unity.

Lauren Goff has created Souls for Orphan Souls and has gotten shoes for every child at St. Kizito's. She will also update the blog.

Meagan Volquardsen will create a Zumba routine to teach the girls we meet. In Africa, the Kenyans like to dance to welcome us and teach us about their culture. We will then dance for them!

Kendra Dawson is in charge of our money and finances.


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