The Story of St. Kizito’s

God powerfully met us last year in a small orphanage made of tin walls and dirt floors. With no plumbing or electricity and overcrowded classrooms, our hearts slowly began to break for these children we had only just met. We could feel the ribs of the children protruding through their thin sweaters and began to see the dire need of school supplies, food, and clothing among the hungry children, many of whom were also sick with malaria or HIV positive. In what seemed like a hopeless situation, we were greeted with hospitality of food and drinks from the adults who gave what they couldn’t afford to spare, and joy and laughter from children who found hope where others may see none.

As the children played with the coloring books and crayons that we brought, we crowded into one of the classrooms with the teachers and began our leadership presentation. We barely made through the presentation without tears from both groups and then the teachers shared their testimonies with us. These teachers didn’t need to be there. But they were so obedient to God’s calling on their life and so steadfast in their commitment to these children. We all joined hands and cried out to our Father who knew the needs and hearts of every person in that room and in that moment our purpose in Kenya grew a little bit more clear.

We have not given up on St. Kizito’s and we will not until the needs of every child are met and adequate land and facilities are acquired for the orphanage. St. Kizito’s rests on a piece of land that is too small for a full orphanage and can only house several classrooms. The children are forced to return to the slums each night and then return, some walking several kilometers, every day for school.

As of now, St. Kizito’s will be evicted within a matter of weeks because the land they are located on is being sold due to corrupt real estate practices in Kenya. This will leave nowhere for them to go. 

Please partner with us in prayer and consider helping us take action to fill these needs.

1) Pray for land first and foremost so that St. Kizito’s can build full facilities and farm the land to become self-sustaining

2) Pray for those who are sick with malaria, AIDS, or other medical needs. We believe that God heals those who are sick and also that medical supplies are available to help these illnesses.

3) Pray that the needs of the children will be met: food, school supplies, clothes

4) Pray that the children and staff will be spiritually full in Jesus Christ. We believe that God can offer comfort and guidance that no amount of money or material things can.

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